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The Best Ways for Personal Trainers to Convert Followers Into Clients

The Best Ways for Personal Trainers to Convert Followers Into Clients

So, you are a personal trainer and you put a lot of effort into online and offline marketing, but somehow you can’t achieve desired results? Do you want to know the secret to turn leads into paying customers? If your answer is “yes”, then you are at the right place!


Every follower you have on social media platforms and every person that visits your website is your potential customer. You will have to use tricks that will make them convert instead of just leaving your profile or a web page.


Without focusing on the layout of your website or nice photos you share on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media platform, you will need something that will help you establish a meaningful relationship with those prospects. Also, you will need to persuade people that your personal training programs are well planned and useful because they might not easily decide to pay for something unknown. 


As you can see, the first step you make must be focused on showing them you are a credible and professional personal trainer, and the best way to do that is to provide a free trial. This doesn’t mean that you will offer a week of free training in your gym for anyone interested because you will have to think about all those people who want to work out from their homes. Luckily, you can use the same approach with them, and the only thing you need to do is to make your business more “digital” by using fitness software. Lean On offers a custom branded app for personal trainers that can be adjusted to your needs. 


Build Trust By Providing Progress Photos and Free Trials Through Your App


Imagine that you have invested in a branded app for personal trainers and that people have started to download your app from App and Play Stores. That is a good start, but you will have to show them something before you ask them to pay for the coaching service you provide.


Lean On fitness software allows you to manage content on your own. You will be able to use progress photos and provide a free trial to all your potential clients, and that is a great way to build trust. They will see the results of the people who are already using your services, plus they will be able to try out your personal training course to see if it fits them or not.


Still, the leads are not the only ones who benefit from free trials, you as a personal trainer are the ones who will have a lot of advantages too. For example, you will be able to collect warmer leads, as well as to nurture prospective clients and show them the true values of your service. When you make people trust you, you can be sure they will not be able to say no to your offer, and that means that your leads will start converting into paying clients.


Provide Support Materials


Now when people are interested to learn more about your personal training programs, you will need to provide the support materials. Those could be explainer videos, testimonials, nutrition and workout plans, and others. Luckily, with the Lean On branded app for personal trainers, you don’t have to worry about this either.


The fitness software they designed and developed allows you to upload all of the above-mentioned plans and videos and even more. You will also be able to organize live streams during which you can cover the topics your potential clients are interested in. For example, you can start a live stream with a short introduction and then leave some time for the audience to ask questions. People will receive answers in real-time and that will show them you are a true professional and that you have nothing to hide. Also, you can use a live stream to call them to apply for a free trial and explain to them how long it will last, and what they can expect. 


Make Sure Your Social Media Profiles Reflects True Spirit Of Your Brand


You can be sure that almost every lead you have will check out your social media profile. Because of that, you will have to be careful and make sure that your social media presence is professional and credible. It is not a good choice to mix your personal life with business post updates, so consider social media rebranding


If this is something you are not familiar with, or you simply want to be sure that it will be done in the best possible way, you can let Lean On Digital specialists take care of that too. After the social media rebranding is finished, your profile will look trustworthy and professional, and that will definitely help you convert more followers into clients. 


Are You Ready To Start Converting Leads Into paying Customers?


No matter if you are a newbie in the personal training business or you have been doing this for a while, and now you want to achieve higher goals, the Lean On custom app for personal trainers can help you with that. 


It includes all of the essential features that will help you turn your prospects into paying clients. More people who pay for your service means higher revenue, and soon you will realize that your business is rapidly growing. 


Since we know how important it is to give potential clients a clear insight into what you are doing, we offer you a free trial and a possibility to see how your branded app can look like. Our mission is to help personal trainers improve their businesses, and we are looking forward to making you one of our satisfied clients. Of, course, we didn’t forget about the importance of testimonials – so we suggest you take a look at our portfolio and see how many elite trainers are already using the Lean On branded app for personal trainers. 

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