Social Media Rebranding

If you have created profiles on social media years ago, and now you want to use them for your training business, you will have to do something to make them look more professional. Maybe you have uploaded the content at the beginning of your fitness career and now you want to replace it with more professional photos, videos, or posts.


In case you have tried to do this by yourself, you may have realized that it will take you too much time, so you need someone to help you with social media rebranding. Our goal isn’t just to change the visual appeal of your social media platforms, our goal is to help you grow your training business.


Thanks to the professional social media rebranding that Lean On provides, many fitness instructors managed to expand the list of their clients, so in case you haven’t invested in this type of service before, it is about time to start.


What Does Our Social Media Rebranding Service Cover?


The first thing that comes to your mind is profile name and pictures, still, these are not the only elements that our social media rebranding includes. We know that the way people will perceive your fitness business is directly linked to the way your training is branded, and that is why the service we offer is very complex.


You can count on us to provide a social media rebranding for different platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram and others. We are familiar with the security concerns of each network, so you can be sure that we will not violate those rules while helping you build a branded profile. We will create a detailed plan, so you will know exactly what the process will include.


Thanks to the years of experience we have in this field, you can be sure that we will be able to help you give your followers what they are looking for, and still stick to the principles of your brand. We will make sure that all your social media profiles send the same message, look professional and correlate with your branded landing page, website, and a custom app for personal trainers that we offer. 


Reach Wider Audience With Social Media Rebranding


If your profile looks just like any other on the platform you selected, you can be sure that it will not draw too much attention. You will need to make sure that your online presence is carefully planned and that your brand speaks for itself. That is where we step in with quality social media rebranding.


Once we make sure that your profiles are presenting your business in the best possible light, you will see that the list of your followers will start expanding almost instantly. Good words spread fast, and as soon as people start considering you as a trustworthy personal trainer, you will reach a wider audience. 


As we mentioned above, our services are not limited to social media rebranding, so you can count on us to provide custom branded fitness apps for you, as well as a website and landing page. You will be able to select the package of services that suits you most, and we will take care of everything else. 


Let Us Improve Your Social Media Presence


All you have to do is to get in touch with us, and our dedicated staff will work hard to deliver the service that will exceed your expectations. Nowadays everything is happening online, and you will need to make sure that your social media presence is tailored to your business needs, and that it represents the core values of your brand.


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