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Transform your content into a scalable subscription business. With your branded fitness app you can define pricing plans for your content and all the payments are made within your app.

Live stream your workouts and coaching sessions and deliver an in-class experience to your clients at home. Your clients will be able to access the live stream directly from your branded app for personal trainers.

Create exercises, workouts, plans and recipes and showcase them in your branded app. Your content is available to your clients anytime, anywhere. Build and reuse templates to save time.

Your clients want a unique and personalized experience. Write blog posts on health and wellness, fitness mindset and motivation, publish your vlogs and share quick workout tips.

You can access reports and statistics to learn what plans are the most popular, how many users are subscribed and explore new ways to boost sales and create great content.

We can’t think of a better way to increase your visibility than placing your fitness branded app on App and Play Store. We put your logo, your app icon, your colors and your images in the app.


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Lauren Holverson

Online Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

"Not only did Lean On Digital help me develop a beautiful app, they helped me scale my business - from making the interface super easy to use to handling all the nitty-gritty things that go into building an app, so I can just focus on delivering effective content for anyone anywhere."

Mo Ali

Soccer Influencer & Former Pro Player

"Lean On Digital helps me save time and focus on my content without having to worry about the headaches and troubles of tech. It’s a great solution for any athlete or fitness person trying to make their own platform to promote their brand, reach more people and inspire others."

Brittany Noelle

Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

"I love that I got to work with Lean On Digital to create my fitness app. It gave me the ability to be somewhere where I completely own my content and it was another way to show my authority in the space as a personal trainer."

Ariane Andrew

Fitness Instructor & WWE Superstar Alumni

"Lean On Digital allowed me to create the app just the way I wanted. It only takes about 7-10 business days, and if you’re not a techy person, they will do so many things for you - help you create content, and help you with anything that you may need. "

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