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Give your clients a unique fitness journey no matter where they are. Deliver tailor-made plans, schedule consultations & distribute videos on demand in just a couple of clicks.

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Lean On one platform

Your personalized fitness app helps you save precious time and increase revenue by providing everything you need to start, run and scale your online fitness business.

Use only one instead of several apps

Stop using multiple solutions to run your online fitness business. Your personalized app is Google Sheet, Zoom, WhatsApp, and other apps combined into one.

Save yourself tens of thousands of dollars

Lean On helps you get into the spotlight with your branded app at a reasonable cost by customizing a white-label app instead of developing an app from scratch.

Boost income with new revenue streams

Let the app do all heavy leg work of taking payments for you. With in-app and web purchases you can easily sell your workout & nutrition plans through subscription-based packages.

Solution developed by fitness professionals for fitness professionals

Lean On brings together all types of personal trainers, coaches and fitness instructors who have faced the same business challenges as you. That’s why our solution is made to tackle problems based on real experience with real clients.

Why is Lean On the solution for you and your community?

Build a custom app solution for your fitness business through a subscription-based pricing plan, covering everything from development to support.

Easy to use

Fed up of confusing, clunky and complicated software? With Lean On do everything in just a few clicks.

Always accessible

Avoid losing contact with your clients when they go on business trips or vacations. Your branded app is rich in content that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.

All of your services in one place

Offer videos on demand, workout plans, nutrition plans, consultations, special programs, and so much more.

Branded as yours

Your app with your logo, your colors, your photos, your style, you! Your clients want to use your app because they want to train with you. It’s all about you and your magic.

Saves your precious time

Save time with our efficient workout builder, and keep providing your clients with fresh workout routines and engaging content.

Personalized approach to clients

Deliver tailor-made plans according to your client’s needs, and acknowledge milestones in their fitness journey with in-app messaging and achievements.

User experience clients love

Your videos are on full-screen. No YouTube links, no small videos in the upper corners of the screen. No unnecessary links. Easy-to-navigate workout plan in just a few swipes.

Support is always there

Customer or tech support, we’re there for you. And that’s not all, both you and your clients can lean on us for assistance.

Earn more while doing less

Create recurring income by selling subscription-based memberships, and maximize revenue with one-time purchases, special offers, and tailor-made plans.

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Grow your fitness business in 3 easy steps.


Sign up for a branded app

Enter your brand name, select your industry and sign up for your custom branded app.


Design your branded app

Choose theme and highlight colors for your branded app. Upload your brand logo and your images.


Get your branded app

We place your branded app on App Store and Play Store. You get built-in features to grow your fitness business.

100+ fitness professionals transformed their businesses with Lean On


Reaching more clients

Not only did Lean On Digital help me develop a beautiful app, they helped me scale my business - from making the interface super easy to use to handling all the nitty-gritty things that go into building an app, so I can just focus on delivering effective content for anyone anywhere.

Lauren Holverson

Online Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


Increasing income on autopilot

Lean On Digital helps me save time and focus on my content without having to worry about the headaches and troubles of tech. It’s a great solution for any athlete or fitness person trying to make their own platform to promote their brand, reach more people and inspire others.

Mo Ali

Soccer Influencer & Former Pro Player


Standing out in the crowd

I love that I got to work with Lean On Digital to create my fitness app. It gave me the ability to be somewhere where I completely own my content and it was another way to show my authority in the space as a personal trainer.

Brittany Noelle

Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


Getting all done in one place

Lean On Digital allowed me to create the app just the way I wanted. It only takes about 7-10 business days, and if you’re not a techy person, they will do so many things for you - help you create content, and help you with anything that you may need.

Ariane Andrew

Fitness Instructor & WWE Superstar Alumni

Who can use Lean On to manage a fitness business?

The Lean On community welcomes everyone from the health & fitness industry to join, share knowledge and grow their business

Online fitness trainer

Еquipment brands

Small boutique gyms

Sports coaches

Dance instructors

Yoga and Pilates

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