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Your branded app is a powerful tool for building stronger relationships with your clients. You can deliver personalized workout experience directly through the app, track progress, monitor sales and get insight into real-time analytics.

No need to spend hours each day on managing your fitness content. Lean On Content Management System enables you to easily build engaging workout and plans that your clients can access within your branded app. You can also write and share inspirational posts and blogs to motivate them.

Provide unique and authentic classes to your clients and connect with them in real-time by streaming your workouts live. The sessions you record are automatically uploaded so your clients have access to live streams directly from your branded app.

With your branded fitness app you can showcase your workout and nutrition plans and transform your content into a scalable subscription business. You can define pricing plans and subscription duration for your clients to choose from, and all the payments are made within your app.

Engage with your clients on their fitness journey by offering them versatile workout and nutrition plans. Your branded app enables you to offer content for any type of skill level or fitness goal. You can also motivate them to stick to a healthy routine with challenges and rewards.

Bring your workout experience to clients from any corner of the world. With your branded fitness app you can transform your business from local to global, because your content is available anytime, anywhere.


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Showcase your business in your branded app

  • Every app feature has the look and feel of your fitness business
  • App features can be tailored for any type of coaching and training
  • Offer unique meal plans, workout routines and training programs

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content management

Easily upload and manage your content

  • Manage your app and content in one place with a personal dashboard
  • Build custom workout plans, stream live sessions and write blog posts
  • Monitor sales and get clear insight into your content’s performance

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Focus on your content while we do the rest

  • You get tech support and advice for best app performance
  • We handle end-user support to ensure superb user experiences
  • We provide app maintenance, updates and new feature upgrades

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Mo Ali

Soccer Influencer & Former Pro Player

"Lean On Digital helps me save time and focus on my content without having to worry about the headaches and troubles of tech. It’s a great solution for any athlete or fitness person trying to make their own platform to promote their brand, reach more people and inspire others."

Brittany Noelle

Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

"I love that I got to work with Lean On Digital to create my fitness app. It gave me the ability to be somewhere where I completely own my content and it was another way to show my authority in the space as a personal trainer."

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