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Can You Develop a Fitness App On Your Own?

Can You Develop a Fitness App On Your Own?

Back in 2015, when Apple Watch came out, we experienced a real boom in the fitness industry. People became more aware of their health and body shape. This led to an increasing number of wearable fitness trackers and the development of mobile apps that provide a gym-like experience to their users. 

Since then, many personal trainers have decided to start offering their services online, and the development of fitness apps has flourished. There are different types of mobile applications available, from the ready-made to the custom branded ones, and it is very important to select the one that suits your needs and your budget. Different tech options that are available on the market make the process of building such an app look like a breeze, and you might think that you can do that by yourself, even if you are not an IT guy. 

Is it true that you can develop a fitness app on your own or not? We will give our best to help you learn more about the process of building a mobile app, features it should include, different monetization plans, and others. 


Define Which Type of Fitness App You Need

The first step of the process is to determine which type of fitness app will suit you best. To do that, you will need to define your target audience, learn more about their interests and needs and set your business goals. After that, you will choose the type of app that includes the features you need. 

Depending on the features you want your personal training app to cover, the development process will differ. Maybe you want to help your clients get their bodies in better condition by offering custom training sessions and nutrition plans. Perhaps you want to have the possibility to track their activity and progress, and you need your fitness app to have that option too. 

The more you want to customize a mobile app, the more complex that the process of creation will be, so before you start dealing with this project on your own, make sure you consider all important elements. You can lose months trying to develop a fitness app and then realize that you don’t have time or knowledge to complete the job, so we suggest you think twice before you start building it.  


MVP Features of Fitness Apps

Besides types of exercises, diet and nutrition plans, and tracking, you will have to think about MVP, which stands for a minimum viable product. This will help you realize whether your app is useful for clients and which aspects need improvement. MVP features of a fitness app are:


  • Registration

This is not mandatory if you don’t want to provide unique personal training sessions for each user. Still, if you want to provide meal or workout plans tailored to their needs, you will need to require them to always register. Registration will help you provide a more personalized experience to your users.


  • Statistics

Sometimes your clients can’t detect visual changes, but you will have to find a way to show them they are making progress. That is why statistics are a very important MVP feature that your fitness app should include. Besides providing valuable information to your clients that will motivate them to work out even harder, this will be very useful for you too. There are two types of statistics: local and global. 

The global ones display the progress of a chosen period – week, month, or year. They are used to track changes in clients’ weight, muscles, as well as training intensity. The local statistics are short-term, and they track changes from one training session to the other. 


  • User Profile

Data like weight, height, and age will need to create personalized training for every client. Because of that, you will need to let the users manage their personal information by allowing them to create profiles within your app. This will help you create workout sessions and nutrition plans that will suit them perfectly. 

We have mentioned only some of the MVP features your fitness app should include. There are also live streaming, workout menus, integration with wearable devices and social media, videos on demand, and others. You need to consider so many things, so you might realize that fitness app development isn’t something you should do on your own. 


Do You Need Help To Develop A Fitness App for Your Business?

If even the thought of developing a fitness app on your own makes you feel overwhelmed, maybe it is time to think about hiring someone for this job or consider some of the white label fitness applications available on the market. If you need a secure, fast and affordable solution, then you shouldn’t miss the Lean On Digital custom branded app for personal trainers. It includes various features, so you will be sure to provide premium services to your clients. 

The fitness software we offer will allow you to upload your own content and manage it through user-friendly CMS. Your clients will have access to videos on demand, and you can even organize live streams to engage them even more. You can also upload progress photos, nutrition plans, schedule training sessions, track activity, and earn extra income by selling partnership products.

The best part is that you can try the Lean On Digital white label app for free for 30 days, and in case you like it, and you can continue using it by choosing one of the subscription plans we offer. Besides that, our staff will be there to provide the necessary support, launch a website, and take care of the social media rebranding. Reaching the highest heights and achieving business success has never been easier than with our fitness app, so don’t waste your time and energy trying to develop it on your own and reach out to our experts even today! We can’t wait to show you all the advantages that our custom branded app for personal trainers brings.

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