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10 Reasons Why PTs & Coaches Should Choose Lean On

10 Reasons Why PTs & Coaches Should Choose Lean On

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The personal trainer software market is full of software, platforms, and apps designed to help personal trainers & coaches run their online fitness business more efficiently. We know that you can easily get lost in this sea of opportunities and that it is hard to find a solution just right for your specific needs.

We know that we’re biased. But in this post, we will list 10 reasons why PTs & coaches should choose Lean On to grow their online fitness business and how we can help their brand reach full potential. So let’s dive into it!

10 reasons why PTs & Coaches should choose Lean On

  • Custom branded app
  • Your app placed on App Store & Play Store
  • Library of 500+ exercise videos
  • Programs, workouts and exercises templates
  • Easy-to-use program builder
  • Scheduler & messenger
  • Live streaming
  • Nutrition & macro tracking
  • Branded landing page
  • In-app & web purchases

#1 Custom branded app

Custom branded apps are the core of our offer and the biggest asset for your online fitness business. Unlike personal trainer platforms like Trainerize, TrueCoach and WeStrive where you use their app, with Lean On you get your app that represents you, your values, and your brand.

But what does the word branded in the sentence “Custom branded app” really mean? It means that your custom branded app has:

  • Your logo
  • Your app icon
  • Your color palette
  • Your images
  • Your workout & nutrition content

Your branded app can help you gain more credibility, stand out from the competition and acquire more clients than ever! Pretty cool, right?

#2 Your app placed on App Store & Play Store

We cannot think of a better way to give your brand greater exposure than to place it there where everybody will see it. But what is that place? Of course, we are talking about the app stores.

When developed (in less than a week), your branded app is placed on the App Store and Play Store and is ready to be downloaded by thousands of potential clients. If you want to be even more recognizable, choose our All-star plan that allows you to publish your app on App Store & Play Store under your developer accounts.

#3 Library of 500+ exercise videos

You are an expert in your specific fitness niche, and we know it. Your clients also know it, and that’s why they want to follow your guidance and expertise. What if you want to scale your business and increase your presence but haven’t had the time to record all those exercise videos and demos? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

After you sign up for your branded app, Lean On provides you with more than 500 high-quality in-studio recorded exercise videos. These videos are:

  • Recorded by certified personal trainers
  • Recorded in 3 camera angles
  • Covering all types of workouts

#4 Programs, workouts and exercises templates

As we mentioned in the previous point, maybe you want to start an online fitness business but feel like you are still not ready. Or you did not have time to translate your knowledge into the programs, workouts and exercises. Don’t worry: we’ve all been there.

That is why we at Lean On prepared templates to help you get that ball rolling until you feel ready to create your own expert content. When you sign up for your branded app, you get the instant access to the ready-made:

  • Exercises
  • Workouts
  • Workout programs
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition programs

#5 Easy-to-use program builder

Our program builder lets you create new programs without any difficulties. Once you open Lean On program builder, you can define:

  • Goals that your clients will achieve with these programs
  • Whether this program is for beginners or advanced trainees
  • Workout environments that are best suited for this program
  • Muscle groups that your clients will activate during the workouts

As we’ve already said, you can utilize our database of over 500 workout images and videos shot by certified personal trainers.

One more thing you can do is attaching a questionnaire to the program so you can better customize it for your clients after learning more about them and their habits.

#6 Scheduler & messenger

Lean On scheduler allows simplified booking of your workouts, classes, consultations, and sessions. Do your clients want to schedule a 30-minute goal-setting session or a 15-minute workout consultation? Not a problem. They can easily do it within the in-app calendar that shows all scheduled events.

A crucial aspect of working with your clients is efficient and constant communication. Our messenger represents an easy way to stay in touch with your clients and provide them with all the additional information and advice on their workouts, nutrition, and overall progress.

#7 Live streaming

So, you are a fitness trainer looking for new ways to engage your audience. Imagine you can connect with them in real-time by streaming your workout live. Sounds great, right?

Lean On platform allows you to record each live session and automatically upload it online. Your clients can access the live streams directly from your branded app, and you can even make exclusive access, so only the people who have purchased the subscription for your branded app can access these live streams.

#8 Nutrition & macro tracking

Everyone striving to live a healthier life knows that a significant step towards that goal is to implement new eating habits. The best way to do so is to have a specialized nutrition plan designed by the professional according to the needs and conditions of the clients. Because of that, personal trainers like you pay special attention to this segment.

From custom meal plans, recipes, and diets for healthy weight loss, to nutrition plans designed to fasten the process of gaining muscles, you can create and upload anything you want to. Additionally, you can set macronutrient goals and define daily intake values for proteins, carbs, fat, sugar, fiber, and water to help your clients stay on track and follow their nutrition habits as precisely as possible.

#9 Branded landing page

Nowadays, everything is happening online, and everyone who wants to stay ahead of competitors and stand out from the crowd has to find the best possible ways to present their brand in the digital world.

That is why Lean On creates your branded landing page without additional cost to help you attract more clients, showcase your programs and promote your branded app. If that isn’t enough, your clients can buy subscriptions or individual programs directly from your landing page using the web purchasing option.

#10 In-app & web purchases

If you are passionate about your online fitness business, investing time and effort to create valuable pieces of content is probably your daily routine. As a personal trainer or fitness instructor, you are constantly finding new effective ways to motivate your audience and provide them with valuable information from a knowledgeable and experienced individual like yourself.

We share a common goal with you: to see your online business grow. That’s why we included another useful feature in your branded fitness app – a possibility to monetize your content. To allow you to grow your business as fast as possible, we are providing you with two ways to sell your content:

  • In-app purchases (through your branded app)
  • Web purchases (through your branded landing page)


In this post, we listed 10 reasons why PTs & coaches should choose Lean On to save time, increase revenue and reach more clients than ever before. But don’t just take our word for it: try Lean On for free for 14-days to see if our platform is the right fit for your fitness business.

Of course, this list can also include support for your clients, options to sell both subscriptions & individual programs, progress images, blogs & posts, cast to TV option, and much more. If you want to learn more about Lean On we encourage you to visit our website. And of course, stay tuned for more posts like this one.

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