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Tips for Personal Trainers to Increase Client Motivation

Tips for Personal Trainers to Increase Client Motivation

Working as a personal trainer is interesting and at the same time very challenging because you have to take care of so many things. You will need to be able to meet the expectations of every client, help them achieve desired body shape, weight and that is not everything.


The only way to ensure they will be moving toward set goals, you will need to constantly find new ways to motivate them. Sometimes no matter how complex and fun your training sessions are, they will need something more to keep them going. 


When you manage to engage your clients they will be more willing to work out, and that will bring them desired results easier than they imagined. On the other hand, your business will grow, because you will have a lot of satisfied customers, and we all know that good words spread fast and that more people will decide to use your personal training services after they hear positive things about your coaching. So, if you are struggling to find new ways to motivate your personal training clients, we will reveal some of the best tactics for that.


1. Use Personal trainer Software


One of the best things you can do to motivate your clients is to make your personal training more digital. Since tech innovations brought many advantages today it is easier than ever to do that, thanks to the fitness software.


You can choose between many different options. There are the ones that include ready-made workout and nutrition plans, so you only have to select which ones you want your plan for a specific client to include. On the other side, there are more advanced personal training apps that allow you to upload your content and manage it the way it suits you most. 


The apps that are possible to customize are always a better option because they will represent your brand’s personality perfectly, and your clients will consider you more professional if you have a branded app for personal trainers. 


2. Provide Individual Approach For Every Client


People are emotional creatures, and the best way to motivate your clients is to provide an individual approach to each one of them. It might seem that you will need a lot of time for that, but with the help of the above-mentioned branded app for personal trainers that will be much easier to do.


Through the app you will be able to track clients’ progress, to see which types of workouts suit them most, or whether there is a need to change the nutrition plan you provided for them in the beginning. 


Thanks to all that information, you can focus on every client, and customize your training services to fit them perfectly. They will feel more respected when you show them that you are following their progress and that you are constantly looking the new ways to improve the service you provide to them.


3. Define Clients “Why”


This is a very important thing in the personal training business because that is the only way to provide a service beyond comparison to your clients. Most people can easily set fitness goals, but they will need help to understand why they want that.


Finding out the clients’ “why” is a great way to motivate them, because that cognition will give them new energy to keep on working even harder to achieve their goals. 


4. Set Short term Goals


We usually first think about the final results that we want to achieve, and when it comes to getting your body in better shape and losing weight, the process of achieving that result might be longer than your clients expect.


If they don’t achieve their goal quickly, they will start thinking that the personal training you offer might not fit them, and that can lead them to quit working out. The best way to prevent this and keep them motivated is to set short-term goals. You should track their results and point out any signs of improvement because those are obvious signs that together you are moving toward their goals. 


5. Be Realistic


When your clients first contact you and tell you about their visions and goals, you will have to be realistic and consider all elements. You cannot promise them something that you are not sure it’s possible to achieve, because you will disappoint them


For example, they might think that they can lose weight within one month, but you will have to explain to them that it will probably take longer than that and that it is quite normal. When they see that you are honest with them, that will make them consider you as a trustworthy personal trainer. There is no better motivation than the one that comes from a credible personal trainer, and being realistic all the time is one of the best ways to achieve that. 


6. Talk to Your Clients


People love to talk, and your clients surely do too. So, be ready to spend some time talking with them. You can do that personally, or in case that you’re using the app for personal trainers, you can communicate with them through it as well. 


This doesn’t mean that you will have to chat with them after every session, but you can make an effort to learn more about their goals and to review them often, provide constructive feedback and maintain professional communication even outside the sessions.


7. Stay Positive


No matter how tired you are, or how far your clients are from achieving their goal you will have to stay positive. You as a personal trainer have to be the most motivated person in your community because your customers are considering you as some kind of role model.

If you can do it, they will be able to do that too, so don’t forget to always have a positive attitude, no matter how hard it can be. It is all about the positive vibes, so in case you need something to organize your business easier and have more to stay positive, our app for personal trainers might help!

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