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Marketing Tips for Online Personal Trainers

Marketing Tips for Online Personal Trainers

So, you are running a personal training business and that is great, but have you ever been thinking about whether your current personal marketing strategy helps you connect with all potential clients? If your answer is no, or you are not sure about that, it is time to think about the ways to improve it. 


Why is Marketing Important for Online Personal Trainers?


If you are wondering why marketing is so important for you as an online personal trainer, keep on reading the following lines. When you are training clients locally, in the gym, your only competition is other gyms in the city. 


However, when you start providing services online, you will have to keep in mind that you will have to compete with fitness professionals from all over the world. Still, don’t let this make you feel overwhelmed, because there is a way to overcome the challenges and stand out from the crowd. The process of becoming a reputable and recognizable personal training brand begins with a professionally developed marketing campaign. 


  • Building Brand Awareness


This is the first step of the process, and maybe the most important one. If you want to grow your business and get more clients as a personal trainer, you will have to make sure that people have heard about your brand. You will want your audience to recognize you when they see your Facebook page or click on your website, and to achieve that, you will need to use the same logo, fonts, colors, and language across all channels that you are using. 


If you need help with this, you can invest in professional social media rebranding as well as a branded website and landing page. That is one part of the services that Lean On Digital provides, so you can be sure that after their professional assistance, more people will hear about your personal training brand. 


  • Publish a Blog


This is a great way to highlight your expertise, plus you can cover various topics that your audience is interested in. People love reading blogs, especially professional ones because that can help them resolve their problems quickly or get the answers to the questions they have easily. 


Make sure to cover all the areas that your personal training clients can be interested in. Besides that, people will be able to meet you closer through the blog, and that will make them trust you more. If you don’t have ideas about which subjects to write, you can think about the most common questions you get or recall what concerned you back then when you were at the beginning of fitness training. 


  • Switch Your Business from Offline to Online Completely


As you can see, if you want to expand your fitness business in today’s market, you will have to become more digital. This means that you will have to focus on developing the online aspect of your business, and there are different ways to do that besides promoting your services on social media platforms or investing in a website you should think about investing in a white-label fitness app.


There are different options on the market, from the apps that include demos and nutrition plans, to the ones that can be customized to your business needs. If you want to be sure that your fitness business will be promoted in the best possible way, it is best to invest in a custom branded app for personal trainers such as the one designed and developed by Lean On Digital. This app allows you to upload explainer videos, nutrition and workout plans, and even post blogs and updates on social media. It is a complete solution that will support any marketing plan you make. The best thing is that you can try it out for free for one month, and if you realize that it suits you, you can select one of the three available packages.


If you decide to invest in a branded app for personal trainers, this will help you build brand awareness, and ensure that your fitness business is easily recognizable. 


  • Invest in a Branded Website and a Landing Page


This is a part of the package that Lean On Digital provides. Besides a fitness business app tailored to reflect your brand perfectly, you can count on a branded website and a landing page that can be used to promote your personal training globally.


This is a very important stage of marketing planning, so even if you have a website that doesn’t match the brand image you’ve built on social media, you will have to adjust it to look the same. That is the only way to be sure that people will consider you as a trustworthy and credible personal trainer. 


  • Define Your Target Audience So You Can Reach Them Easier


This must be a part of your marketing plan, because if you don’t know who your target audience is, how will you know which people you have to reach and where to find them? For example, you might define that your target audience is people between 20-35 years old, so you will want to learn more about their habits and make sure that you are present at the social media channels they are using. 


After you define your target audience, you will also know which type of content will engage them, so you will be able to offer them exactly what they need. This will prevent investing time and money in ads and posts that don’t drive results. You will invest your money wisely, and that is very important especially if you have just started your fitness business.


  • Find Way to Monetize Your Content

We all want to create a perfect balance between work and personal life, and one part of that process means that you have to find a way to gain passive income. It would be best for you to find a way to monetize your content, and you can do that through a custom branded app for personal trainers. All you have to do is to carefully design monthly subscription plans so your clients can choose the one that fits them. Lean On Digital is standing at your service to help you supercharge your revenue and make and make a reputable personal training brand.

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