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How To Promote Your Fitness App

How To Promote Your Fitness App

You decide to go online, but that raised a lot of other questions.

You feel like everything is changing, but trust us – it’s for the better.

With a fitness app, you will have clients from all over the world, and not just your local surroundings.

How to promote your fitness app, you ask?

Well, it is similar to what you did when you were working offline. Still, there are some additions you need to know about and take into consideration.

Read on to find out what are all the aspects of promoting your fitness app and how to do it.

Define target audience to know who you are communicating with

To promote your fitness app successfully, you need to know who your target audience is.

You need to define the ideal client profile – define the attributes of people who would benefit the most from the exercise program you provide.


  • Problems that your fitness program is solving
  • What is your client’s location – offline and online?
  • What social media do they use?
  • How old are they?
  • What is their gender?

Think about additional questions that are specific to your home workout fitness app and try to answer them.

When you have all the answers you need, then you’ll know how and where to promote your custom branded fitness app.

Still, there are a few general tips that you shouldn’t avoid when promoting your workout plan.

Your clients use social media, you should too

Use the power of social media to promote your fitness app.

People spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram every day, to be exact 2 hours and 22 minutes on average, so it is very important to implement social media strategy into your fitness app promotion plan.

Use social media to:

  1. Get to know your clients
  2. Build a fitness community
  3. Spread brand awareness
  4. Keep your clients motivated
  5. Organize contests
  6. Get creative

Users want and need to socialize, especially if they are working out from their homes, alone.

Build an online community with your user base, by implementing social tools inside your app so your clients can easily share their progress and achievements with their friends.

The key to having a vibrant online community is to be present, responsive, offer valuable content, and follow fitness trends.


Use your user base to spread the word about your fitness app – influencer marketing

You probably have someone famous among your users.

They don’t have to be worldwide famous. If you notice that some of your clients are well-respected and have trust in their community (and you can see that by their loyal online following), start building a strong relationship with them.

Those could be known doctors, wellness coaches, famous clients, etc. Since you are probably offering a meal plan, you can also work with some cooks and chefs that use your branded fitness app to keep a healthy routine.

If their followers are your target audience, you can work with those influencers to raise awareness of your brand.

Influencers have credibility with their fan base, so ask them to recommend your app in a way they feel most comfortable.

If it is possible, ask them to appear on those recommendation posts together, so potential new users get to know you, too.

That way, you will promote yourself together with the fitness program you offer. And at some point, you will become an influencer as well.

Content strategy – share knowledge to gain trust

The content you create for your app (home workout videos, meal plans, etc) is not enough to attract new clients.

You need to make a content strategy that will offer valuable content to your clients and potential new clients.

The fitness content strategy includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter
  • Tutorials
  • How-to videos
  • Social media posts

Every type of content needs to offer helpful information or some interesting facts, so your users understand your brand and feel more comfortable with giving you their trust.

Remember what your clients often asked you when you were working in person and start with answering those questions.

Have in mind they won’t sign up for your newsletter, read your blog posts or social media posts if you don’t offer them some solution to their questions and issues.

Another part of your content marketing is user-generated content. Allow your users to share their successful fitness stories and share their experiences.

Ask your users to tag you when they share their fitness progress and create a hashtag for your brand. That way, you’ll be able to find user-generated content even if someone forgets to tag you.


Take the best out of App Store Optimization (ASO)

Most people find apps by writing their names or keywords in the app store search box.

That means that you must make your app findable or, in expert terms, app store optimized.

Before your app is online and everyone can download it, it needs to go through an app review process, so both Google and Apple can ensure they have high-quality apps in their stores.

Google Play Store Ranking FactorsApple App Store Ranking Factors
App titleApp name
Short descriptionApp URL
In-app purchasesApp subtitle
Rating and reviewsKeyword field
Update cycleIn-app purchases
Downloads and engagementRating and reviews
Update Cycle
Downloads and engagement

If you do the ASO right, you’ll have several benefits, according to App Radar:

  • Reach people from all around the world
  • Greater app visibility
  • Increase organic app downloads
  • Your app will get discovered by relevant users
  • Cut your promotion costs
  • Increase app revenue and conversion rates

There are a few steps you need to take to increase your mobile growth

  • Find out what keywords your target audience use
    Use those keywords in the keyword field (Apple App store) or across all fields 3-5 times (Google Play store).
  • Think about the right name for your app
    The name needs to be relevant to your type of fitness program, easy to read, and unique. Both app stores have a character limit – you can use up to 50 characters on Google Play and up to 30 characters on Apple App Store.
  • Define the keywords that you want your app to be found with
    This is an ongoing process, so you can change the description, subtitle, or keywords field even after your app is already launched in app stores. When trying to figure out which keywords to use, think about the main features of your fitness program, how else can you describe them (think about the synonyms), what are the names of similar apps, what is your app’s category, etc.
  • Use App description to your advantage
    You have 4000 characters to explain to people what your app is about. This text needs to be clear, well-structured, easy to understand, and permeated with your brand atmosphere. Google Play store uses the description box to find the keywords so it can rank your app.
  • Prepare all the visual material
    An app icon is very important because it catches the attention of potential clients. App screenshots and videos are just as important – once people click on your app icon, they will want to get a glimpse of the features of your app, how it looks like, and what kind of atmosphere it provides. So, highlight the main features of your app with this material.

If you want to learn more about ASO optimization, here is a more in-depth ASO guide.

Lean On Digital offers a white-label solution for fitness apps that can be customized and branded to personal trainer’s needs, and they offer their ASO knowledge and services together with the app.

So, actually, you don’t have to read a bunch of case studies, books, blogs, etc. to make your app optimized for the app stores. Instead, use the knowledge someone else has gathered over years to your advantage.

In conclusion

When transferring to an online fitness program, you’ll need to learn more about how to promote your fitness app, find new users, convert them to use your exercise program, and then retain them.

Reading this is a good starting point and if you opt for using a white label fitness app solution instead of making an app from scratch. There’s a good chance that the team making your custom branded fitness app already has everything set up for app stores. Simply ask them.

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