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Tips to Promote Personal Training Brand Globally

Tips to Promote Personal Training Brand Globally

When you decide to start a personal training business, you will probably want to gain as many clients as possible, and in case you are operating only locally that might limit your possibilities. Because of that, more and more coaches are looking for ways to promote their personal training brand globally.


At first, this may seem like a very complicated mission, but with the help of the Internet and different tech features, it can be easy to achieve. All you need is to follow the tips we provided and you will soon realize that your business is growing and that more people have heard about your personal training business.


  • Have a Clear Website 


If you want to take your fitness business to a whole new level and present your personal training brand to a global audience you will need a professionally designed and developed website. Although there are ready-made solutions available online, we don’t suggest using them if you want your brand to look professional and credible. 


You have to make sure that your website is clear, that all the details about your services, price, and the packages you offer, and contact information are easily available. Besides that, you should have a professionally designed logo. Your website should include testimonials, before and after photos, and others. 


  • Be Active on Social Media


No matter if you like the concept of social media platforms or not, you will need to use the power if you want to expand your business from local to global. Since Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and other platforms are used globally, by creating a business profile on one of these networks you will be able to present your personal training business to people from different states and countries. It is very important to make your profile look professional and to regularly post updates. You can even write blog posts that can be linked to your branded website. Keep in mind that it isn’t enough to post updates occasionally and that you will need to be consistent because that is the only way to engage with your audience.


  • Live Streams


Live streams have become very popular lately, and if you ever run out of ideas on how to reach a wider audience and gain more clients, you can use them. You will be surprised how many people you can reach, and the best thing about this type of video streaming is that you will be able to interact with viewers in real-time. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and explain how they can benefit from your personal training programs, as well as to leave them space to share their questions and concerns and provide detailed answers. Live streams are spontaneous and because of that, they are a great way to catch the attention of the viewers. Your followers can share the link of your live stream with their friends, and this means that you will be able to present your fitness business to people from different parts of the world. 


  • Create Marketing Plan


All of the above-mentioned tools are very useful and can help you present your fitness business globally, but this is not enough to stand out in the digital market. You will need a thoroughly planned marketing campaign that will help you tackle your target audience who will very likely switch from prospect to paying customers. Your advertising campaign can include email marketing, branded landing pages, social media promotions, and others. Still, if this is something you haven’t done before, maybe you should consider hiring an experienced digital marketer to help you create a perfect marketing plan that will transform your business from a local to a global one. 


  • Branded Fitness App is a Must


Even if you manage to fulfill all of the above-mentioned requirements, it will be hard to build a global brand out of your fitness business without a custom branded app for personal trainers. People don’t want to bother logging into different platforms to watch your training sessions, and maybe they don’t want to clutter their internal computer memory by downloading all the files you are sending them via email. This can be easily avoided if you invest in a white-label fitness app, such as the one that Lean On Digital offers. 


This app for personal trainers can be adjusted to fit your brand completely, plus it includes different features that will help you provide an excellent user experience to your clients. You will be able to manage the content by yourself since they created a CMS that makes this process easy and fast. The app can include explainer videos, blog posts, videos on demand, progress photos, as well as workout and nutrition plans. No matter if you provide individual or group training sessions, the Lean On custom branded fitness app will support you in any way you need. You will be able to better organize appointments, track clients’ progress, and communicate with them. Another advantage of the Lean On fitness software is that when you decide to become one of many professional coaches that are already using our app for personal trainers, you will get a branded website, landing page, and social media too.


As you can see, this is a complete solution that will help you reach a global audience with minimum fuss. All you have to do is to choose one of the three subscription plans that we offer, and you will even have a chance to test the app for free for 30 days. You can count on us to provide all necessary support, as well as additional information about the fitness business app we offer. There is no better way to build a global personal training brand than to have a reliable business partner by your side, and we are here to help you grow faster. The white-labeled fitness app we offer will be available on the App and Play stores within two weeks after you apply, so hurry up and let us build a recognizable brand out of your coaching!

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