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The Best Way to Increase Your Fitness App Engagement

The Best Way to Increase Your Fitness App Engagement

Here’s a fact – there are around 5 billion mobile phone users around the globe. Even though this already sounds encouraging for trainers on a lookout for their fitness app target audience, many of them fail to get the recognition they were hoping for. 


One of the reasons for that is that they are not specific enough about their offer nor the audience they wish to attract. The thing is, the whole procedure of transforming a unique idea into a fully-developed app should be well-thought and somewhat calculated. Why would someone buy your product? What makes it different from the rest and why is it valuable? There are a plethora of questions that you need to ask yourself before the fitness app development commences. 


The harsh truth is that being entirely original in the already saturated fitness industry market is near to impossible, but that’s why you need to be familiar with effective digital marketing solutions to attract potential end-users and keep them engaged. As you determine your strongest points and expertise that are worth sharing with the world, you’ll come to realize who can benefit from them the most. 


Our Lean On digital marketing experts took extensive research on how to engage the custom branded fitness app target audience and are ready to share their discoveries with you. 


Being Specific About Your Fitness App’s Target Audience 


As we mentioned, this is the thing you need to determine at the very beginning. Many of the personal trainers have this aspiration to help as many people as possible improve their wellness and health, which is just amazing. On the other hand, this is how you get confused about identifying that specific group that can truly be drawn to your product and enjoy it to the fullest. 


So, take your time to define the characteristics of your fitness app target audience as that is the first step to success. Besides the plain question of who it is that you can serve, include the ‘why’ as well. Maybe your amazing weight loss workout plans can help young mothers feel better about themselves? Or have you designed a special fitness program for people with chronic illnesses? Use whatever you can to narrow down the target audience and help them find you much easier. 


This brings us to the next question – where can you find your fitness app target audience? Social media is truly a world of possibilities as you can seek people through various Facebook groups and other social platforms. Your regular gym clients would most definitely want to join you online, especially now with the pandemic situation. Also, if they like what they see, word of mouth can play a major role in getting a new audience. 


Polishing Your Brand


Even though the whole idea of branding is to attract the masses, your brand is an entirely personal thing that you don’t want to be shy around. By being straightforward and confident about the product that you are about to launch, you already confirmed the value of it and are now waiting patiently for the people to see it for themselves. 


If you are thinking of the best way to give your brand a strong and recognizable identity, a branded fitness app might be the right solution for you. Why?


It provides your fitness app’s target audience a fully personalized experience that comes as close as possible to the real one-to-one session that they love so much. You are in charge of how the app looks like and what features include since this is a white-label app that is fully customizable. Want to see your brand’s name and logo on every Play and App store, and get the confidence to promote it at every step of the way? 


This is the scenario that can be your own if you have the right team of people by your side. We at Lean On Digital are ready to help you boost your online business with our custom branded app packages that have everything you need. Not sure if you are ready to invest in it? You don’t have to do it now – simply test our 30-days free trial and upgrade when you feel like it. 


Developing a Solid Fitness App Marketing Plan


Without an adequate digital marketing strategy, it is difficult to get anywhere even if you have the most amazing app that deserves a lot of attention. 


The average internet user spends around 2 and a half hours on social media every day, so including social media marketing in the promotional strategy is surely a good idea. You’ll get a chance to build a community and spread the word about your product by including various campaigns and promotions into the marketing plan. 


The first step towards successful marketing on social media involves a social media rebranding process which will ensure that all your profiles send the same consistent and clear message about your fitness app. Only when you are confident of your social media presence, you can expect your fitness app target audience to feel the same way about it. 


Still, one of the most efficient ways to stand out from the crowded fitness industry marketplace is by having great content marketing. Meaningful, exciting, and valuable content will help your audience learn more about you and your services, so they can perceive you as a dedicated and trustworthy trainer who is willing to go a step further for them. 


We at Lean On understand exceptionally well how much time, energy, and passion you need to invest in each piece of content, so we made sure to simplify the content management procedure as much as possible. Our branded fitness app comes with an in-build CMS which allows you to create and manipulate your content rapidly and with ease. 

On the other hand, you’ll have full tech and end users support from our IT experts’ team whenever needed, so you can rest assured that your branded fitness app will function impeccably at all times. Give us a call or write us a message to learn more about our custom branded fitness app packages or give it a try now and apply for a free 30-days trial.

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