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How Can Custom Fitness App Help You Transform Your Business?

How Can Custom Fitness App Help You Transform Your Business?

Digital fitness is on the rise, and if you are a personal trainer, you are probably well aware of this. Although it seemed like the Covid-19 pandemic will seriously ruin this industry, it actually catalyzed its digitization. 

Gyms, yoga studios, and other types of fitness centers had to shut their doors to visitors and move all workouts online. Some of the personal trainers used social media to reach their clients, the others uploaded videos on YouTube, while there were some who organized live training sessions via Zoom or Google meet.

Those were good ways to stay connected with the clients and provide them the information they need, but there was a problem that seemed hard to overcome. None of these options gave the fitness instructors and personal trainers the possibility to monetize their services. That is the moment when custom fitness apps became very popular. By switching your business from offline to online and investing in a branded mobile application, you will be able to transform your business completely, and we will show you how.


1. You Can Provide More Personal Experience to Your Clients

By using a custom fitness app, you will be able to gather information about every user, track its activity and progress, and tailor workout plans according to their specific needs. This means that your clients will enjoy unique and more personal training sessions that will help them achieve desired results easier and faster. 


2. Monetize Your Content

We know how much effort personal trainers put into creating quality content for their clients. With a custom fitness app, you will be able to supercharge your revenue easier than ever. You can create subscription plans and provide a premium package of services to paying members. On the other side, you can establish partnerships with renowned fitness gear brands and sell their products through the app, which is an excellent way to gain extra income. 


3. Engage Your Audience Easily

One of the most important things is to keep your audience engaged. This will ensure they will stay loyal to your fitness training brand, and you can also use this as a perfect opportunity to motivate them to work out even harder. White label fitness apps, such as the one designed and developed by Lean On Digital, allows personal trainers to publish blog posts, organize live streams and rebrand their social media channels to better represent their brand. Thanks to that, you will be able to connect with clients in different ways and on various platforms.


4. Reduce Customer Churn

By tracking the users’ data, you will be able to detect the key moments when they lose motivation and start thinking about quitting a fitness training program. This way, you will be able to prevent subscription cancellation and modify workouts to keep your clients motivated.


5. Track Progress and Activity

This is a very important aspect of fitness training. People come to personal trainers because they have different issues. Some will want to lose weight, while others will simply need physical activity to improve their health and enhance their strength. No matter what the goal is, you will have to track the activity and progress of every client to make sure that the workout and nutrition plans you’ve created for them are giving the results. That is what customized fitness apps allow you to do. You will have all the information you need available anytime and anywhere. 


6. Reach Wider Audience

When you run your business locally, you will be able to reach a pretty narrow audience. Those are mostly people who are living in your city or its surroundings. With a custom branded fitness app, you will be able to offer your personal training services globally and reach more people. 


7. Give Your Clients More Flexibility

By switching your business to a white label fitness app, you will allow your clients to have access to all the material you’re provided for them at any time and any place. This means that they can work out while they are on vacation or business trip or after they come home from work. Everything is up to them, and the possibility to work out at the time that suits them best is something they will value. Making your services more flexible means that you will be able to meet their needs, and this leads to a better user experience.



Custom fitness apps can help you transform your business in many different ways. People are using technology for many different things, and today it is possible to use it in order to implement healthy habits into their lifestyle. So, if you want to stand out in the fitness market and build a strong and professional business reputation, wait no more and digitize your personal training services even today!

Lean On Digital custom branded fitness app will help you grow your client base, expand your business from local to global, and make a brand of your name. Some of the most successful personal trainers are already using our app, and that is another sign this is something that can bring you many benefits. Feel free to use the online modulator on our website to see how your app can look like and start a free 30 days trial even today. You will be able to achieve business goals easier and faster, and all you need to do is to contact the Lean On Digital team to get more information about the fitness software we are using. After that, it will take just a couple of days to make your app live, and your clients will be able to download it from App and Play stores. 

This is a perfect moment for you to skyrocket your fitness business and make your name look credible in the personal training world. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer each one of them, so we suggest you contact us via the live chat on our website or by sending us an email. Someone from our department will get back to you shortly.

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