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Fitness App Development

Fitness App Development

The fitness industry went through a digital transformation and today it is possible to stay fit and lose weight easier than ever. Personal trainers had to adjust their services to better fit the needs of nowadays clients, so they started switching their services from gyms to fitness mobile apps.


Today there are many different apps for personal trainers available on the market, and in case you are considering investing in one you will probably want to know more about the process of development.


Since we are creators of one of the most popular mobile apps for personal trainers – the Lean On platform, we will share with you detailed information about the features, trends, and cost of development of this type of fitness software. 


You have to Define Which Type of Fitness App You Need


There are different types of fitness apps, and the first step of the development process is to define which one you need for your business. Each option has a different purpose and includes different features, and to ensure that you will make a good choice, we suggest you move to the following lines. 


  • Activity Tracking Fitness App


This type of fitness app tracks a specific habit of its users. For example, it can be used to track the eating habits of your clients to help you realize how you can improve their meal plans. They will have to log what they eat and the app will keep track of how many calories they intake. This type of fitness app can also be used to track whether your clients regularly work out or if they drink enough water during the day. The information that activity tracking apps collect will help personal trainers adjust their services to the needs of their clients. 


  • Workout Fitness Apps


If you want to ensure that your clients will have a workout routine, and be able to exercise at any place you like and have the same feeling like you are in the same room with a professional personal trainer, then workout fitness apps might be a good choice. It allows its users to set different goals, so no matter if you want to gain muscles or to lose weight, you will be able to define that. 


  • Nutrition and Diet Fitness Apps


These apps allow their users to track their food intake, and they are great choices for people with health issues. Some nutrition and diet apps offer graphics that show which type of food the person ate, and how they feel after that, which is great to define whether someone has intolerances for specific groceries. The others provide feedback on strategies to lose weight. So, in case that nutrition isn’t your field of study, this type of fitness app might not be a good choice.


  • Yoga and Meditation Fitness Apps


As the name says, this type of fitness app is a good choice for everyone who prefers yoga. These apps will allow them to choose between different programs and mentors, but if you are not a yoga instructor, this fitness app can’t help you grow your business, so we suggest you don’t consider it as an option.


Key Features of Fitness App


When you have defined which type of fitness app you need, it is time to decide which features you want your app to include. These extra options will help you make your app for personal trainers more user-friendly, and accommodating. 


Some of the key features that your fitness app should include are:


  • Sign up and log in which will allow your users to access the app via Google or Facebook profile.
  • Onboarding is a perfect way to give new users instructions. This can be a short video tutorial, or you can do this by sending in-app prompts.
  • User profiles will include basic information about your clients like age, gender, name, fitness level, and weight. Thanks to that, you will be able to provide training programs tailored to their needs. 
  • Goals are a very important feature of every fitness app. They should be defined in the beginning, so both – you and your clients will be able to move toward them without fail.
  • Activity tracking is another feature that your fitness app should include, and you will be able to define the parameters you want to track


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fitness App?


When you decide to hire someone to develop a fitness app for your business you need to have in mind that you will need an entire team of IT experts to finish that job successfully. From iOS and Android developers to QA engineers, project managers, and others. Plus, you will have to understand that developing a fitness app is a process that lasts long, so you cannot have the final version of it within a couple of days.


In case that you have realized this is too much for you, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, because the Lean On team has the solution for you. Our branded app for personal trainers includes all key features that you might need, plus it can be customizable to fit the personality of your brand perfectly. We know that ready-made solutions are rarely good enough to fit all aspects of your business, and that is why we offer unique solutions for every client.

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