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8 Steps to Become a Successful Online Personal Trainer

8 Steps to Become a Successful Online Personal Trainer

If you already have some years of experience as a personal trainer under your belt, there is a great chance that you’ll wish to expand the business by moving it online at some point. 

Considering the situation we are all in together, now could be the right timing to do so, but it all feels so overwhelming. After all, you are not technically equipped and educated to deal with the IT requirements that an online business has. Or do you think that you couldn’t be able to reach enough people and that the whole thing is already doomed to failure? 

As a matter of fact, it is not a rare case that experienced and reputable personal trainers don’t succeed to establish their online fitness business only because their business strategies and tools were inadequate. 

This is exactly the scenario we want to spare you from, and the following steps will surely help you on that one. Therefore, stay with us and learn how to create an online fitness business that you can profit from and still enjoy to the maximum. 


Be Certain of Your Direction 

This applies to both targeting the right audience and being specific about what it is that you can offer them. 

Being a personal trainer that wishes to indulge everyone’s needs is great in theory but almost impossible to achieve in practice. Therefore, use your already developed expertise and commit to improving them along the way. This is where your strength lies, and this is exactly what will distinguish you from others. 

As we assume you already have adequate certifications, ask yourself what are you good at? Maybe you are specialized in the weight loss program, marathon training, or you can help the people who are fighting chronic illnesses stay in good shape? Use whatever you can and turn it into a powerful marketing tool that will attract those who truly need your services.


Adopting the Right Business Model

One of the first things you need to decide when creating an online fitness business is what business model is right for you. 

You can try out various options like group classes, semi-private, or fully private sessions for a while and see what fits you best. On the other hand, this could only confuse you and prolong as you are hoping that something will just naturally ‘kick in’. This is why it is so important to be honest about your weak and strong points in the first place. 

If you are terrified of working with a large group of people, don’t force it too hard and simply go for a private session. On the other hand, be fully aware of what each business model promises when it comes to financial benefits and always make sure to have realistic expectations. 

For example, the subscription model is proven to be one of the most financially attractive options for those who create an online fitness business, yet it requires more promotion and marketing. If you have the right team of people by your side, this will all run smoothly. Try out our 30-days free trial custom branded app offer and learn for yourself why this option is one of the most preferred nowadays. 


Selecting The Online Presence – Website or App?

As both solutions have been equally chosen by those who wish to create an online fitness business, it is noticed that the apps got a bit more attention in the last few years. 

The main reason for that is that they offer better personalization and are generally easier to use. This is especially the case with the custom branded apps that elevated the whole training experience to the ultimate level. 

With the multiple customizable tools where you are in charge of how everything will look and function, this option is great if you are looking for rapid brand exposure and recognition. Everything from the name, logo, and overall design to the content and workouts is fully personalized and ready to tell your story to the detail. 

If you wish to create an online fitness business that includes both website and app, our Lean On team can help you on that one too. Besides providing you with the custom branded app that you can put on any App and Play store immediately, we offer a branded website design and development for those who are ready to have an exceptional online presence where everything’s made to work for you. 


Get Familiar with the Marketing and Promotion Plans

You can have an amazing product and still lack sales due to the poor marketing strategy. This is why it is important to know more about each plan and get an idea of which one might be a good solution for your online fitness business. Of course, you can always combine multiple options to speed up the process, as they are all pretty similar. 

Still, digital marketing tools are one of the most efficient since they cover everything from content, SEO tools, and email marketing. This is where you’ll attract the right people by presenting them with valuable content which then gives you a chance to streamline it directly to their emails. Also, let’s not forget about social media as they are undoubtedly a great source of potential clients. 

We ate Lean On to make sure that you get all the help you need from our digital marketing experts and get the exposure and sales you want. Besides the full tech support, content management, and best practice advice, you’ll get a chance to boost your online fitness business with our unique media package offer. Count on us to take care of your social media rebranding and promotions & campaigns while you can focus on creating great content that you can be truly proud of. 



If you wish to create an online fitness business that gives you complete personal and financial freedom, consider following professional advice from those who have the necessary experience and skill in the field. After all, having an online fitness business is not an easy task as it requires a lot of discipline and hard work, but if you consider yourself an accomplished personal trainer, we are sure it will all come just naturally to you!

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