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Apps for Personal Trainers to Track Clients

Apps for Personal Trainers to Track Clients

Technological development improved the quality of the services that personal trainers provide, and at the same time, it allowed fitness instructors to better organize their jobs and track the results of each client.


Today there are different mobile apps, specially designed for personal trainers where they can provide all necessary material to their clients from explainer videos and live streaming to nutrition plans and more. However, they are not the same, and you will have to be careful when choosing the one for your fitness business. 


Some of the apps for personal trainers give you the possibility to track clients, and if this is something you need, we suggest you stay with us because we will list some of the best software for fitness instructors.




In case you are new in the fitness business and need something to help you in the beginning, FitSW might be your choice since it offers demos you can use to create personal training programs for your clients. Also, you will be able to track their progress and message them directly through the app or the website. We have to mention that this app is available on iOS 10.0 or later. 




This is another iOS mobile app for personal trainers which allows you to book training sessions. It is popular within the fitness industry, as well as beauty and healthcare because it helps business owners be more productive and keep up the pace even with busy schedules. The free version allows you to book appointments, and in case you need more features you will have to pay a monthly subscription and that you will be able to use payment processing, invoices, marketing, and client tracking within the app. 




This app for personal trainers is developed to support small and medium-sized businesses. It is primarily designed for gyms and fitness businesses, but it is also a popular choice for yoga studios, wellness centers, dance schools, and others. It includes marketing features, scheduling of appointments, as well as check-in and check-out option, so you can track whether your clients attended the training session or not. 




This is an easy-to-use cloud-based app for personal trainers, which includes reporting, non-stop gym access, member check-ins, and other tools that will help you run your fitness business smoothly and hassle-free. Still, to be sure that it will fit you perfectly, we suggest you check out whether there are limitations regarding the number of clients you can add.


PT Distinction


This is a mobile app, designed to support online personal trainers. It allows users to upload meal plans, enroll clients and track fitness results. Still, if you work both online and offline, this might be too limited for you since it doesn’t have an option for people to check-in when they enter your fitness premises. Have this in mind before you decide to switch your business to PT Distinction. 




So, you are checking out the apps for personal trainers to track clients, and you have heard about Virtuagym. This cloud-based fitness software enables users to plan workouts and track their nutrition progress. That is a great feature for your clients, but you as a personal trainer need more information to see whether they are active or not. Virtuagym allows fitness coaches to schedule appointments, monitor members’ check-ins, and collect online payments. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Is There a Custom Branded App for Personal Trainers?


As you can see, most of the above-mentioned apps for personal trainers include suggestions for workout and nutrition plans. They might be great for beginners, but over time you will probably want to upload your content and create custom training programs for your clients. 


So, you will probably wonder whether there is a fitness app that allows you to customize it according to your brand and needs. The answer is – yes, there is. Lean On Digital designed and developed software for personal trainers to track clients, improve their services and reach a wider audience. 


You will be able to engage with your audience easily, and the best thing is that there is professional tech support and a CMS which makes this app for personal trainers very easy to use. Since there is a trial version available, you will be able to check out how your custom branded Lean On Digital app can look like, and if you like what you see you can simply switch your fitness business to it.


It is available on App and Play stores, and depending on the features you choose it might take up to two weeks for your customized app for personal trainers to be available for download. In case you decide to purchase a Platinum package, you will even have an account manager at your service, so no matter if everything is going smoothly, or there are certain issues, with their professional support you will be able to get back on track in no time. 


What Lean-On App for Personal Trainers Includes?


This is complex and easy-to-use software for healthcare and fitness. You will be able to create a custom workout and nutrition plans for individuals and groups, offer in-app purchases, have access to real-time analytics, promote affiliate products, create videos on demand, and many other things. 


Don’t forget that there are three different packages, and each one includes a different set of features, so you can select the one that suits you most. So, if you are a personal trainer and you have trouble tracking your clients, you should get in touch with Lean On Digital experts even today. No matter if you decide to request a quote via the online form on our website, or you want to send us an email, we guarantee that our dedicated staff will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Besides a customized app for personal trainers, we can provide a branded website, landing page as well as social media rebranding for your fitness business.

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