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What Do You Need to Develop a Fitness App Marketing Plan?

What Do You Need to Develop a Fitness App Marketing Plan?

So, you’ve decided to switch your personal training business from offline to online, and you have heard that investing in a fitness app is the best way to do that. Well, that is true, but it is not enough just to have a white-label app. There are other elements that need to be considered. 

If you want to achieve your goals, you will need a detailed fitness app marketing plan that will lead you toward success. This guide will help you learn more about building your advertising strategy, its core features, where to start, how to define your target audience, and many others.


Where to Begin?

This is the hardest part of the process for many people because if you don’t make a good start, it is possible that your marketing efforts will not provide desired results, no matter how hard you try. So, before you start building a fitness app marketing plan, make sure you take care of the following elements:


  • Target Audience

One of the most important elements of a fitness app marketing plan is to define your target audience. There are many available apps on the market, so you will have to learn more about what your potential users want and find the best way to show them what makes your personal training unique. If you still haven’t defined your target audience, we suggest you do that before you dive deeper into the process of building a successful marketing strategy because, without this, you’ll hardly be able to achieve your goals. 

After you define the age, gender, or area you want to reach, make sure you learn more about the interests of your potential users, like whether they are using social media, do they participate in some online groups, etc. This will help you define whether your marketing strategy should include social media campaigns or not or where you should place your ads for the best results. 


  • Define Your Goal

Do you want to increase the number of app downloads, or are you looking for more clients who will purchase premium membership? Maybe you want to reach a wider audience and make your brand recognizable? No matter what your goal is, it is essential to define it because this is one of the factors that defines in which direction your fitness app marketing plan should go. 


  • Choose the Type of Fitness App That Suits Your Users Best

After you have learned more about your target audience and set goals you want to achieve, you will need a proper tool that will lead you towards success. In this case, the mighty utensil you need is – a fitness app, so you have to choose the right one. Sometimes, this is easier said than done because there are different options available on the market. 

Let’s suggest that you want to create a strong fitness brand out of the personal training you provide, so the ready-made apps with limited possibilities for content management and branding might not be the best choice. Custom apps are a good choice, but they take time to develop and might be too expensive, especially if you are at the beginning of building your business. 

There is another option – a custom branded fitness app. These types of apps can be launched quickly, they can be branded according to your requirements, and they include a content management system (CMS), so you have full control of what your app will include. From explainer videos to nutrition and workout plans, the white-label fitness app, such as the one that Lean On Digital offers, can have different types of content. This way, you will be able to meet the needs of each user and help them get their bodies in better shape and improve health. The best part is that you can choose between different subscription plans and select the one that suits you best. 


Building a Fitness App Marketing Plan

Now that we have defined the first steps of the process, we can build the fitness app marketing plan that should skyrocket your personal training business. For the best results, it would be best if you have more than one strategy and tactic during the first year. Of course, this is not mandatory, and you will be able to drive positive results even if you don’t create multiple different strategies. 

Selecting an adequate fitness app is important, but besides that, you will need to launch a website and create business profiles on social media platforms, so the people can find you easier. Besides that, it will be good to regularly post blogs to keep your audience engaged and inform them about the latest trends in the industry or the news regarding the personal training you provide. Some apps, like the white label fitness app one provided by Lean On Digital, include social media rebranding, as well as campaigns and promotions, so you will get the full package at one palace.

The above-mentioned app supports almost every segment of a successful fitness app marketing plan, so you can be sure that you will be able to achieve your goals hassle-free. Even if aspects of your marketing strategy are not part of the package that Lean On Digital offers, you will be able to focus on other tasks. At the same time, your clients enjoy a premium digital personal training experience. 

Your fitness app marketing plan should include defined key messages and brand tone, keywords you need to focus on, development of creative content, photos and videos, social media campaigns, email marketing, and others. It would be good to check the results of your strategy from time to time to see whether there are some aspects that need improvement or the results are satisfying. Keep in mind that the technical aspect of your digital fitness business is important, but you can’t neglect clients’ needs either. Make sure you select the option that focuses on the users first and technology second, and get in touch with Lean On Digital that will help you streamline your personal training business.

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