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To motivate their clients to continue working hard and follow the workout and nutrition plans, fitness instructors are using different methods. Explainer videos and live streams are a great way to engage your audience and connect with them, but that isn’t everything.


For many years now, we have been designing and developing branded fitness apps that include various features. One of the things that can help you achieve your goals and motivate your training clients is to include progress photos in your app. There is no way they could stay indifferent when they see all those transformations, so you can expect they will work out even harder. 


This is also a great way to track the progress of each client since the progress photos you upload to the app we provide for you can be a significant part of the workout statistics.


Take and Store the Progress Photos Right in The Lean On Branded Fitness App


The best part about the progress photos is that they can be uploaded directly to your customized app. We know how important it is for your clients to find everything they need in one place, so we tend to make everything simple and easy to use.


Your clients will be able to compare where they were at the beginning of training and where they are today. Also, you can motivate a wider audience to start exercising to achieve the same results as the other people did thanks to the training program you provide. Combining your expertise and knowledge with technology innovations developed by our IT specialists, you will be able to inspire your clients to stay active.


Even if in some moment you training clients lack motivation, only one look at the “before and after” photos will be enough to give them strength to continue working hard and move towards the goals you set together. As a fitness instructor, you will not have to worry about anything, because the Lean On team provides all necessary support and advice. 


Expand Your Fitness Business With Lean On Media Package


Moving your fitness courses to an online business model gives you the possibility to expand it globally, and gain even more clients than you can imagine. Because of that, it is very important to pay attention to every part of your digital presence. 


To help you represent your business in the best possible light, Lean On designed a special media package that includes social media rebranding, a new branded landing page, and website, as well as promotions and campaigns. 


This means that you will be able to share the content you prepared including the progress photos within your app, as well as on your social media channels and even your website. You don’t have to worry about anything since the Lean On team will be there to provide continuous tech support, and help you take your business to the next level. 


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