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If you are passionate about your online business, investing a lot of time and effort to create valuable pieces of content is probably your daily routine.


As a personal trainer or fitness instructor, you are constantly finding new effective ways to motivate your audience and provide them with genuine information that comes from a knowledgeable and experienced individual like yourself. 


We share a common goal with you, and that is to see your online business grow. This is why we included another useful feature in your branded fitness app – a possibility to monetize your content. 


Now, you can transform your amazing content into a scalable subscription business and have a stable income based on the proven content monetization plan we will provide you with. Eager to see each segment of your hard work pay off to the maximum? We know how to make it happen. 


Maximize the Value of Your Content by Including it In Certain Subscription Plans Only


The unique approach and training techniques that you’ve created over the years can now get recognition in a form of payable content. 


When you generate content that you feel is worthwhile sharing, you can now decide what exactly you are going to do with it – sell it or give it. Maybe so far, you’ve been delivering it only to specific clients or you included it as a regular part of your offer.  


Then again, you remember how difficult and exhausting it was at times to make it, so selling it independently sounds like a pretty logical solution. This is where we can help you. By customizing your subscription offer, you get to charge for each piece of content you’ve created and are about to create. 


As you already have a detailed preview of what each subscription covers, you can simply add a new area that will include the best pieces of content that you are most proud of. Whether those are recipes, nutrition plans, workouts, or something other, the choice is solely yours.


Multiple Ways for Successful Content Monetization 


You can try a few different proven content monetization tactics or mix and match when it’s possible. For example, if you are delivering authoritative marketing content to get more attention and product sales, you certainly don’t want to include affiliate links that will transfer them to another person. We are here to help you create the plan which will get you the most benefit. 


Besides defining the content pricing via the subscription plans (standard, premium, etc.), you can also set the subscription duration or offer a period of exclusive rights and charge more for the content provided there. 


Setting the promotions, discounts and special offers is another way to showcase your content to a wider audience and make them interested enough to go for a premium subscription that includes all the great content they need. 


Monetize Your Content Faster with Our Branded Fitness App Features and Unlimited Support


We offer a full package to serve your online business the best – from customizable workout and meal plans to full tech support, best practice recommendations, and content management. 


You can use or be inspired by the exercises and templates from our huge content library to create your plans or upload the models you’ve prepared for further content development. Get insight into performance data and sales yourself to have a clear picture of the current business status. 


On the other hand, we will do our best to promote your product by applying recognized techniques like social media rebranding, promotion & campaigns planning, and by providing you with a branded website. 


All you need to do to get the recognition you want and have a stable income from the content you deliver is getting in touch with our team. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or write us a message, and we will gladly tell you more about this prosperous offer. 

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