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How to Get More Clients as a Personal Trainer?

How to Get More Clients as a Personal Trainer?

Working as a personal trainer is a challenging and very demanding job. You constantly have to find ways to motivate your clients and help them achieve desired results while on the other side, you need to find new ways to attract even more people.


Although it may seem that it is more difficult to expand the network of your customers since today’s market is very competitive, technology improvements influenced all industries including fitness in great ways. One of the most popular ways to get more clients as a personal trainer is to become a part of the emerging digital fitness community.


Since the covid 19 pandemics drastically changed our habits, most people replaced exercising in gyms with home training. Because of that, fitness instructors went through the transition period and had to adapt their services to these new changes. Since then, the methods they use to attract new clients have changed too, and this article will help you learn more about the best ways to achieve this goal. 


Get Branded Website and Social Media


If you want to be easily available and visible online, you will need a branded website and social media profiles on various platforms. Keep in mind that many of your competitors are already there, so you shouldn’t use ready-made solutions if you want to stand out from the crowd. 


Because of that, we suggest you hire professionals who will help you get branded websites, and social media, as well as landing pages. These companies can also set promotions and campaigns which will boost your business in a short period. It is best to find IT professionals who offer a complete service, such as the media package that Lean On offers.


Write Blogs Frequently


This is a great way to reach a wider audience. People love reading articles online, and by creating your fitness blog, you will be able to share news, interesting facts as well as professional advice with your existing and potential clients.


Give your best to cover all popular topics and show all relevant knowledge that you have. This is a great way to tell people how professional you are, as well as how they can benefit from the training courses you provide. In case you are present on social media, don’t forget to link those accounts with your blogs, because that way people will be able to learn more about your fitness business in general.


Provide Detailed Explainer Videos


No matter if you organize training sessions in the gym, or you prefer working with clients who exercise at home, one of the best things you can do is to provide detailed explainer videos. This will motivate them to repeat the workout session on their own since they will have all the necessary information in the material you created.


So, even if they are away from home, they will stick to the training program you set for them. You can upload your explainer videos to your website, social media, or even branded app.


Custom Nutrition Plans


Not all people are willing to explore and find healthy recipes, so creating custom nutrition plans for your clients can be very beneficial for your fitness business. This way, your clients will be able to get their bodies in perfect shape and gain desired results easier and faster. Other people will be motivated to try out your training course and switch to a custom nutrition plan you create for them.


On the other hand, this will give you peace of mind, because you will know that you did everything in your power to help your clients achieve the desired weight and look. Of course, this is only possible if they stick to the nutrition plan you provide, but even if they don’t, that is not your fault and can’t ruin your reputation. This will help you leave an even more professional impression on your audience, and that is what people are looking for – a complete service provided by a licensed fitness trainer, all in one place. 



Leave Enough Time for Live Streams


Live streams became very popular in past years, and they are used for many different purposes. When it comes to the fitness business, you can be sure that this is an excellent way to establish contact with existing and potential clients, since they will be able to see who you are, send you questions, and get instant replies.


Besides that, these types of videos are live as the name says, so there is no chance to fox or rewind the sequences you don’t like, and that is what people highly value. Everybody loves an honest approach, and this can help you gain their trust. Even the people who haven’t been cooperating with you before will have them feeling like they know you, and because of that, they will feel more comfortable letting you take care of their physical form. 


Invest in a Branded Fitness App


If you thought that a website and social media are the only way to attract new customers, you are wrong. The new era brings new solutions and one of them is a branded fitness app. This means that your mobile application will be available in APP and Play Store, and it will be more visible even to the people who haven’t been using your services before. 

If designed and developed professionally, your branded fitness app can include even workout and nutrition plans, blog posts, explainer videos, and any other content you find necessary. Luckily, you don’t have to look further because Lean On can help you bring your business to a whole new level. Take a look at the packages we offer, and you will realize why our apps are so popular. In case you have additional questions, our team stands at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to contact us via the online form you will find on our website. Are you ready to lean on our team of experts and see how the number of your clients is rapidly growing? We hope you are, and can’t wait to help you, so hurry up and contact us right away!

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