If your business is your passion like it is almost always the case with the trainers, you’ll want to get familiar with its development on a daily basis. As you take a sip of the morning coffee and go through your agenda, you can access overall reports and statistics on your branded fitness app in seconds. 


You’ll meet your new clients and follow the activities of the current ones, but most importantly, you will have a chance to shape new ideas and create effective strategies to attract more people. After all, having a circle of satisfied clients who enjoy your content and have numerous benefits from it is what it’s all about. 


Your branded fitness app has a well-developed Content Management System which allows you to create, modify and manage your content and get valuable insights on your app’s performance anytime you want. We made sure that everything works for you, so you can commit to doing what you love and get the sales you deserve. 


Learn What Plans Get the Most Attention 


By having regular updates on your clients’ feedback and activity, you can easily distinguish what it is that they appreciate about your work the most. 


No matter what type of trainer you are, there is something unique about your approach and training methods that your clients recognized and voluntarily wanted to be a part of. Maybe you have amazing nutrition plans that really make a difference or your custom training plans are becoming hugely popular due to their effectiveness? Whatever it is, you can easily find out by having access to the app’s statistics and reports. 


This will all subtly direct you to create content that your audience can engage with easily and get the results they came for. 


Learn Who Your Audience Is


There is no better way to understand more about your audience than discovering their habits and preferences. Since they are already on board and ready to follow you on the exciting fitness journey, you can make them get the most of it at every step of the way. This will also help you realize what are your strongest points and how you can deliver their potency most efficiently.  


As you get a chance to find that specific audience that you can go deep with, you’ll have a constant flow of inspiration to create meaningful content and excellent solutions for them.

The relationship that you create with your clients this way puts you in the position of a mentor that is here to improve their overall quality of life. Who wouldn’t want to participate in something like that? 


Having the Subscription Reports and Statistics


Having an insight into the subscription status helps you recognize the good patterns that attracted the desired audience. No matter how many subscription plans you offer, you can review them individually or get general statistics based on all sales. 


We offer a full media package that includes both promotions & campaigns alongside social media rebranding, so a good response to these practices will be easily visible in the form of subscription statistics. This is how you’ll know what type of marketing works best for your business and allow you to include more similar strategies to boost promotion and sales. 


Even though you can do all the work yourself, don’t forget that our team is here to support you and your business in any way possible. bull tech support and end-users support, we’ll take care of your content management while you can enjoy doing what you do the best. 

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