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Increase your income with multiple revenue streams. Lean On Digital enables you to monetize your content and merch using one simple tool.

With an easy-to-use interface and our team that takes care of all the tech, you can save time and focus on creating and delivering great content.

Transform your content into a scalable revenue stream. Showcase your workout and nutrition plans with your branded app, define pricing and track payments.

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Create exercises, sessions, workout and nutrition plans in just a few easy steps. Save time by using templates and deliver your content to clients anywhere.


Standard app


per month/ 30-day free trial, no funds reserved

  • Your branded Android and iOS app with Lean On watermark

    We will develop Android and iOS fitness app under your brand and place it on App Store and Play Store for users to download it.

  • Lean On App Store Developer Accounts
  • Lean On DUNS number
  • Lean On App store listing
  • Semi-custom App Store Screenshots
  • Landing page on Lean On domain
  • In-app & web purchases
  • Lean On payment gateways
  • Up to 1000 clients
  • Unlimited workouts
  • Unlimited live streams
  • Unlimited workout plans
  • Unlimited nutrition plans
  • Google analytics Integrations
  • Facebook pixel Integrations

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