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We all know that exercising is beneficial for our physical condition, health, and look in general. Still, in case that the exercises are not done properly, they can bring more harm than good. This is something that fitness coaches are constantly monitoring during the workout sessions in the gym.

Since digital fitness became very popular during the past years, and more and more people are exercising at home, trainers had to think of new ways to make sure their clients will perform all planned activities properly. 

In case that you are a fitness instructor and that this is something that bothers you too, we have good news. Lean on customized fitness apps gives you the possibility to upload explainer videos too. You will be able to explain to your clients every step of the process, plus they will have a chance to rewind the video in case they missed something. 


Lean On Branded Fitness Apps Save You Time

If you have ever tried to deliver explainer videos to all your clients by sending them via email or different messenger apps, you have probably realized that it takes too much time. Also, many people will not regularly check their messages, or your email can end up in the ‘Spam’ folder, which brings more complications to this already perplexing process.

Luckily, the Lean On team brings a solution to this issue. We have developed custom fitness apps that give you the possibility to upload and organize content by yourself. So, the only thing your clients have to do is to download your branded app from the Android or iOS stores, and all the material you provided will be available there. 

To make everything simple, we created a special content management system (CMS) so you can be sure that you will have no troubles managing your content even if you are not an IT expert. Feel free to record as many demo videos as you want, with all necessary steps, and ensure that your clients will be performing each exercise correctly. 


Explainer Videos Lead to Better Customer Experience

As we mentioned above, the only way to achieve desired fitness goals is to regularly exercise and to make sure that the workout is done properly. Introducing explainer videos to your branded fitness app is a guarantee that your audience will do everything right, and that they will soon start seeing the benefits of it. 

The closer you bring your clients to their goals, the better their overall experience will be. More satisfied clients mean that your digital fitness business will reach higher heights since the good word spreads fast. This will increase the number of downloads for your app, which is very beneficial for your success.

Also, explainer videos will ensure that your clients will not get injured while training since they will be able to see how you perform each exercise and imitate your moves. In case you want to replace or remove some of the content you uploaded before, you don’t have to worry, since you have full control of all the content within your app.


You Can Send Explainer Videos to Individuals or Groups

Since you are in charge of everything related to your branded fitness app, you will be able to determine whether the explainer videos should be available to all your clients, or only specific groups or individuals.

So even if you are organizing one-to-one training, Lean on branded fitness apps will perfectly suit you, since it includes all necessary features. To make sure that the package of service we provide fits your budget and business needs, you can select one of the three available plans: basic, standard, and premium.

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