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Working out in the comfort of the home is something that many people prefer. Thanks to the technology improvements and carefully designed and developed Lean On app for personal trainers, the users are now able to watch their training sessions on the big screen.


You are probably wondering how that is possible, but the answer is simple – the mobile app has an option to cast to TV, and you can do that with a couple of clicks. Once you start a workout, you just have to tap the screen icon and that’s it, the video will start playing on the television. In case the users want to switch to another TV, they can simply pause the video on the app, and move to another room where they have more space or privacy to continue exercising. 


With the Lean On fitness app, you as a personal trainer will have peace of mind, knowing that your clients will have an excellent user experience since the tech solution we created includes various features, and casting to TV is just one of them. 


Cast to TV is a Very Useful Feature for Live Streaming


In case you want to engage your clients, even more, you will probably organize live streaming since this is one of the best ways to interact with the users of your branded app for personal trainers.


Imagine that your valuable exercises can watch live streaming on the big screen? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? This can be easily done within our customizable fitness app. We were very careful when designing this innovative tech solution because we wanted to be sure that the users will be able to navigate through the app smoothly and without any problems.


Although the Lean On app is very easy to use, in case that you have trouble activating cast to TV or some other feature it includes, our IT team will be there to provide additional information and all necessary support.


Play Explainer Videos on Big Screen


Some of your clients might need more help than others to perform the exercises properly. If they conduct training in the wrong way they might get hurt, and they will have trouble achieving desired results, so you will be the one to blame. 


To avoid these problems, we allow you to upload explainer videos directly to the app. So, once the videos are available to the users, they will be able to cast them to TV. This is something you can do too, just to make sure that you have explained every detail in the best possible way. 


This will lead to a better customer experience, and the more people are satisfied with the personal training you provide, the more new clients you will attract. As you can see, with us by your side you will be able to skyrocket your fitness business in no time. Of course, you are in charge of managing all the content within your app, so you can ensure that your clients will have only high-quality video material that can be cast to TV. 


Boost Your Business With Lean On App for Personal Trainers


This isn’t the only benefit of our app for personal trainers. There are many other features it includes and you can also upload nutrition and workout plans, organize and schedule training sessions, provide individual and group workouts, create blog posts, and many other things.


We know this sounds good, and in case you want to build a professional image and make a fitness brand out of your name, we suggest you get in touch with us even today!

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