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One of the best ways to provide additional information about the personal training to your existing and potential clients is to regularly post updates about your services as well as to create engaging blogs.


These posts and blogs should cover various aspects of your fitness business, so you can focus on the healthy habits your clients should adopt, or you can cover topics that concern them most. No matter if you want to share tips and tricks on how to stay fit with minimum physical activity, or you want to stress out the importance of healthy eating habits, blogs and posts are a great way to do that.


You probably think that the only place for such content is your website or maybe your social media profile, but that isn’t quite true. Lean On branded app for personal trainers allows you to share posts and blogs with all clients who have downloaded it. This means that they will have everything they need in one place, easily accessible and always available. 


Add Value to Your Branded App for Personal Trainers With Blogs and Posts


Since the fitness app usually consists only of pre-made workout plans and nutrition plans, we wanted to create something different. Since the tech solution we provide to fitness trainers is customizable, our mission was to help you represent your brand in the best possible way.


Because of that, we created a CMS that allows you to easily add and remove content, so in case that you think that some of your posts are outdated, or aren’t useful anymore, you can easily remove them from your app. 


On the other side, you can use blogs and posts wisely, to show your clients who you are, how professional you are as well as how the training process can be fun and easy when you have a true fitness expert by your side. This will make your app stand out from many others which include only ready-made plans which are the same for every client.


Make Sure Your Posts are Unique


There is a lot of information available on the Internet. Still, you have to be careful and not to copy blogs or posts that someone else wrote. The only way to make sure that people will consider you as a credible and professional personal trainer is to create custom posts and blogs.


You can conduct research and see which subjects wellness and health blogs are covering, or you can interact with your clients and ask them which topics they would like to see on your blog. Make sure that the information you provide is relevant.


Once you have created the posts and blogs, you will be able to upload them to your app within minutes. Besides the customized app for personal trainers, we offer branded social media and websites for fitness instructors, so you can count on us to provide a complete solution. This means that you can update the content on different digital channels easily and make sure that all of your clients have access to the quality material you provide. 


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In case that you like what you see, you will be able to continue using our services and choose between three packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

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