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Fitness App Market Size, Opportunities, and Growth Prediction

Fitness App Market Size, Opportunities, and Growth Prediction

Primarily made to help people who have a busy lifestyle and tight schedules maintain healthy habits and stay in good physical condition, fitness apps grew their popularity rapidly in a short time. It is proven that being physically active and having healthier eating habits can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression to some extent, so it is no wonder that fitness apps are one of the most sold fitness products nowadays. 

Except for the personalized workout plans, fitness apps provide their end-users with various content that includes blogs, vlogs, nutrition plans, and recipes that will help them achieve their goals faster and stay healthy without extreme diets and giving up on indulgent foods completely. 

If you are a passionate personal trainer who enjoys helping people adopt good habits and essential fitness mindset rules, investing in a custom branded fitness app might be just the thing you are looking for. Especially since the market for it is huge and still growing which means that the fitness app market growth predictions are quite optimistic. To get more details on it, stay with us since we are going to dig deeper into the topic. 


The Growing Demand for the Fitness App

The concept of being fit and healthy has developed as a certain trend which is certainly an amazing thing. Since internet penetration has risen across the globe, the audience willing to follow the popular idea is now bigger than ever. 

Considering that the health and fitness apps are widely used on smartphones (3.8 billion of them worldwide), it is no wonder that the global fitness market was valued at USD 3.28 billion in 2020 and predicted to grow by 20.8% during the forecast period of 2021-2028.

Additionally, the temporary closure of gyms and fitness centers due to the COVID-19 pandemic increased downloads of fitness apps since people were on the lookout for the next best thing. It is reasonable to predict that the investment in the industry will continue to rise which will ensure put the fitness app market on a stable growth course. 


The Fitness App Growth Prediction Analysis

People are getting more and more conscious about the importance of mental and physical health, and fitness apps allow us to conduct a fast check-up and aim for improvement via their features. 

Since the use of technology for these purposes significantly facilitated and made the process more convenient, it is predicted that the global fitness app market size will grow annually up to 27.5% from 2021 to 2026

Fitness apps have this amazing ability to indulge everyone’s needs – from sensitive groups like seniors who wish to enhance their flexibility and mobility to young mothers who want to get rid of those few extra pounds. Both white label and custom-built apps support home-based training allowing people to choose the right timing, session environment, and training plans which they can benefit from the most.

Besides the fact that staying healthy is trendy, there is an unpopular truth related to the app fitness growth prediction. Relying on the statistics published by WHO, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in 2016 and its premature mortality rate continues to grow over the years. 

Since the fitness app is offering customized meal plans and recipes alongside professionally developed exercise plans for diabetics, many of those who fight this illness would turn to an effective online training solution. We are well-familiar that people with diabetes are strongly advised to keep social-distancing practice throughout the pandemic, so training at home is surely a safer option.


The Types of Fitness Apps Currently Ruling the Market

The exercise and weight loss apps are generally used more since people are unable to visit gyms and fitness centers right now. It is also predicted that people will continue this practice due to its proven efficiency, affordability, and overall ease of usage. 

The second-largest share goes for the diet and nutrition plans as people are being more aware of the fact that a healthy diet can positively affect the whole immune and nervous system. The last on the scale are activity tracking apps which didn’t get as much attention as the previous ones. 

Modern fitness apps can also combine training sessions with nutrition plans and ensure their users an attractive fitness experience where everything is focused to improve their quality of life. This is exactly what our Lean On custom branded app offers, as we worked tirelessly to develop software ready to support any type of training or sport alongside content like blogs, vlogs, recipes, and nutrition plans. Take a look at some of the most recognized personal trainers who are already paving their way to success with our Lean On team by their side. 


Which App Solution to Go For?

Let’s say you are an experienced personal trainer who wishes to create an online presence and get the most of a certain unique skill. What type of fitness app should you go for?

If we limit the comparison to the development process, there are two kinds of fitness apps – white-label or custom branded apps and custom-build ones. 

Since the white-label apps require less time to develop and design, and are quite easy to maintain and use, they’ve become one of the most popular choices for personal trainers. Also, they are more affordable to develop than the custom build apps, and on the other hand, they are resellable which gives you a chance to earn more money from your app. 

Even though custom branded apps might come with fewer features, once you try our Lean On Digital white-label app solution, you’ll quickly learn that they can supply your future end-users with everything they require. From customized workouts, recipes, and nutrition plans to live stream and explainer videos, you’ll have a chance to streamline your online business on multiple levels and get your brand’s recognition in the shortest time. 

If you still haven’t determined your budget, you don’t need to worry about anything. Test our white-label fitness app 30-days free trial now and upgrade whenever you want. We offer Basic, Standard, and Premium packages where each app solution is fully ready for any App and Play store.

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