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Use Corporate Partnerships to Raise Revenue And Brand Awareness

Use Corporate Partnerships to Raise Revenue And Brand Awareness

In order to gain a competitive advantage and succeed in today’s highly ambitious fitness world, your business must constantly evolve and adapt to ever-growing demands imposed by a marketplace. To that end, you must resort to numerous channels and resources, and not rely solely on the most traditional ones like SEO and social media promotions. 

Forging brand partnerships helps you unlock a new audience and acquire new customers you couldn’t otherwise reach. Below we discuss how leveraging corporate partnerships could help you drive growth to your fitness business and stay on top of your game.

What Are Corporate Partnerships?

In a nutshell, corporate partnerships bring two companies or brands together, both with their own brand equity and power. The goal is to create a strategic alliance with a brand operating in a parallel cluster allowing you to get exposure to new prospects. 

But don’t think about corporate partnerships as mere joint promotions. No, you need an entire strategy to tap into their vast potential, and this can only be done through a series of carefully planned steps. When done right, corporate partnerships could produce some mind-blowing results, offering a combined, stronger value to a potential client. You get greater brand exposure because you rely on the shared power of both brands. In short, pairing up with a brand or a company that makes sense for your business opens the door for joint sales and incredible service distribution potential. 

The Benefits

Nowadays, effective brand partnerships can find their place in almost every business’s marketing plan. No wonder about it since they can improve your marketing efforts in general. Partnership marketing can influence the service or a product by increasing its value. Also, it can open up new places where you can market and sell your service. Other than that, it allows you to reach a bigger target audience, increase your brand exposure, gain access to a more significant marketing budget, introduce you to new marketing channels, and help you gain new customers in new market segments.

Choosing The Right Partnership For Your Brand

In partnership marketing, identifying the brand that is compatible with yours in ways more than one is imperative. That said, you need to carefully map the brand whose business goals, values, and long-term mission are in line with yours. Pick your corporate partnerships so that everyone – including a client –  can benefit from that sort of arrangement. 

Other than that, it should be equally convenient for both brands, and if one side isn’t enthusiastic enough about the results, there must be some sort of an underlying issue, which should be discussed ASAP. Due to this, you should maintain regular communication with your partners, to make sure that you’re on the same page. Your relationship should be honest and transparent, allowing you to bring your unique value proposition into the equation and complement each other’s purpose. It should be a synergistic partnership above everything else, created to broaden your audience reach, enhance new customer acquisition, and build stronger customer loyalty for all parties involved. Thus it is always better to seek a long-term partnership with a brand you trust.

Automate The Process And Analyzing Data

In addition to setting up adequate communication channels, you should also make sure to streamline all your joint marketing efforts by choosing a platform that could help you create, manage and track your campaigns’ performance. Other than that, you will also be able to access various reporting tools and gain insight into your customers’ behavior and then optimize your campaigns accordingly. The best thing about it – you will have more time to invest in coming up with the best possible strategy for your corporate partnership.

Finding A Strategic Partner For Your Online Training Business

If you run a personal training business, you can team up with supplement and gear manufacturers who are also based online. For instance, you can promote their vitamins, powdered proteins, energy drinks, and other products on your webpage or your custom branded fitness app as a means of generating more income both for you and your partner. You could arrange with your partner to get revenue from referrals on your site. If you team up with a gear manufacturer, you can recommend their products during your training sessions and get commissions for that.

Cross-posting on social media is another popular way to promote each other’s brands. You can devise a mutual content strategy with this particular goal in mind to maximize its potential. However, make sure you do it organically, without the sales pitch that promises to solve your followers’ existential problems and turn them into models within two weeks. Be frank about your partner’s brand instead, and tell your audience what it is that sets it apart from a sea of similar ones, why it works for you, and document it with results whenever possible to gain more credibility. Convince your audience that your service is 100% compatible with your partner’s product and that they work perfectly together.

The Takeaways

Using corporate partnerships and partnership marketing can be instrumental for your brand’s success. If you manage to identify a brand whose vision matches yours, it could turn into a fruitful relationship for both sides and is therefore worth pursuing. Once you cement a corporate brand collaboration, you will enjoy heightened brand awareness, increased traffic to your webpage, more revenue, new social followers, and more engagement with your own brand. It could help you reach a wider audience, acquire more clients, compete in hard-to-reach market segments, offer more value to your clients and build stronger, high-quality, long-term connections with them. Everyone should benefit equally from this enterprise, clients included, so this might be an ideal moment to start to consider how to incorporate it into your current marketing mix.

Have you ever thought about including corporate partnerships in your current marketing mix? What do you think about it? We would really like to hear your opinion below!

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