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The Best Ways to Supercharge Your Personal Training Business

The Best Ways to Supercharge Your Personal Training Business

In the United States, there are currently around 374,000 certified personal trainers, and this occupation has a projected growth of 15% that will last until 2029. These staggering figures mean that the personal training industry these days forces businesses to constantly work their way up to the top and that you must constantly invent new ways to stay in the game. 

But not all personal training businesses are created equal and not every personal trainer has the privilege to employ an in-house marketing team to help them boost sales and acquire new customers. Listed below are potential ways you can supercharge your personal training business that might help if you’ve just set your foot in a fitness market with hopes to succeed.

Deliver the Best Possible Service

The quality of your service shouldn’t fluctuate. But in the fitness industry, you often have to work twice as hard to prevent losing your clients. People are prone to give up working out and can’t stick to healthy nutrition if their motivation is low. So do what’s in your power to increase their motivation levels and make sure they continue using your service.

Your work should be able to speak for itself, and if you want to build and maintain a loyal customer base, you must go that extra mile to provide your clients with the best possible experience. Make sure they receive a good value for their money by devising personalized exercising plans that will suit their needs. Keep the communication channels open and maintain regular conversations with them. Listen to their opinions and use them to enhance your service. Ultimately, this will create a superb customer experience. 

Create a good website

If it isn’t online, it doesn’t really exist – this is the premise that many have adopted and live by these days. So to take your personal training business to the next level, you must establish a strong online presence. This includes building a website that will contain all relevant information about your business and serve as a customer support platform. 

Add a blog section to your website to share all sorts of fitness-related updates, meal or exercise plans, tips, and other important info that will be genuinely valuable to your readers. This is also imperative if you want to generate more leads and acquire new customers. A good website should also be optimized according to best SEO practices and work seamlessly on different devices. 

If you’re just starting, consider including a lead page on your website, where you will invite prospects to sign up for a free session. That way, you can obtain new customers if they like what you’re offering. Finally, you can set up an eCommerce store to sell all your services there because people are feeling more and more comfortable purchasing their goods online.

Use recommendations from existing clients to attract new ones

Even though we do live in a digital age, good old a-word-of-mouth marketing could still play a surprisingly important role in empowering your brand. You can offer rewards and other incentives to clients who bring in new clients. These could include anything from free meal plans, free training sessions, or discount coupons for any of your services. 

Focus on your target market

Targeting only a specific niche within the fitness market can be a wise idea. For instance, if your specialty is prenatal exercising, don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage. Your target audience will be expecting moms, so you can tailor all your marketing promotions for them. Once you start building your client base, continually provide them with a good service, and you will quickly differentiate in your sub-niche (a word-of-the-mouth will play its role, too). Also, people who need your service will find you more easily.

Use Social Media

Promoting your business on various social media platforms is fairly cheap yet it could help you attract more traffic to your website and generate more revenue. Moreover, it could help you build a better brand reputation and reach more target audience organically. But not all social media networks offer equal opportunities for fitness businesses, and you need to identify the ones that act as hubs for your target audience. Investing your time and efforts into social media campaigns across every possible platform could prove to be costly and time-consuming, and you need to save your precious time and energy for your number one priority, which is your business. 

When thinking about the profile of your prospective clients, factor in their age, gender, occupation, and other relevant data to be able to discover what their favorite social networks are. Once you sign up for business pages there, you will get access to performance data and reporting tools, and this will allow you to analyze reports so that you can create more optimized quality content in the future to gain even more followers and clients. 

Use fitness software

The use of fitness software and custom branded fitness apps helps personal trainers streamline their entire work. These hold all the relevant information on a client’s progress and their unique fitness goals. Other than that, they serve as a communication platform between you and your client, allowing you to send them personal messages and automated notifications to ensure they don’t miss their appointment. 

They often have online payment options that support online payment solutions like PayPal and can connect with various fitness activity trackers such as bands and watches. Some software allows you to manage all your finances, create invoices, and analyze all sorts of relevant data so that you can continue to provide your clients with quality service that will meet and exceed their expectations. All in all, fitness software helps you automate the majority of tasks and focus on the business itself.

Which one do you think it’s the best way to enhance your personal trainer business? How did it help you position yourself in the marketplace? Drop a comment or two below!

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