Are you a fitness professional always excited to engage with your community? Do you want to stand out from the crowd with your own app? If your answer is yes, then join our contest for a chance to become a Lean On brand ambassador and get your custom branded app. You could be the one!

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Why become a Lean On Brand Ambassador?

By becoming a Lean On Brand Ambassador you don’t just promote Lean On Digital, you grow your brand too! Lean On Digital gives you your custom branded app so you can always stand out from the crowd, reach more clients and increase your revenue.

As our Brand Ambassador you
get a 2-year Premium plan service that includes:

  • Your branded iOS and Android app
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • Content administrator
  • Early access to new features
  • 10% commission on referrals
  • One special feature customization
  • Paid app launch campaign
  • Exposure on Lean On Digital website and social media

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What are we looking for?

You could be the one if:

  • You are located in the USA
  • You have and actively use Instagram account, and at least YouTube, TikTok or Twitter
  • You have a strong and engaged community of at least 30k followers on your Instagram page (no purchased followers, likes, or comments)
  • You post predominantly fitness related content on your social media accounts
  • You hold a certificate and minimum 3 years of experience in your field of fitness expertise
  • You have previous experience with affiliate marketing or merchandise branding

How does the contest work?

By applying to Lean On Brand Ambassador contest you will get your branded fitness
app and a 30-day trial period to showcase your online coaching skills. The participant who
engages their community with the most creative and versatile fitness content in their branded
app will be chosen as the Lean On Brand Ambassador for 2022.

Sign up for the contest

Fill out the Brand Ambassador application to activate your Lean On Digital
account. You’ll instantly get access to your Content Management System.

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Complete your profile

Follow a few simple steps to provide us with the necessary info. Once your
info is reviewed and confirmed, we’ll start developing your app.

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Upload your content

While you wait for your app to be developed, start uploading your content,
create workouts and much more.

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Start using your app

On Thanksgiving day your app will be live on the App Store and Google Play Store and that’s when your 30 day trial starts. Use this time to build your app with engaging content and promote it within your community.

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Are you the one?

On Christmas day we will announce the Lean On brand ambassador. The rest of participants will have 48 hours to either cancel their free trial or continue using Lean On services within the Standard app plan.

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